Welcome to Veggie: a happy place for vegetarians and vegans who love food.

When all you want on your plate is plant-based food, eating out can pose unexpected challenges, and for newbies it can also be a daunting task preparing food to eat at home. That’s where word-of-mouth is fantastic for discovering new recipes, eateries, websites, flavours, cookbooks, friends and more. And even better than real-world word-of-mouth is the digital version – and that’s where we come in.

Veggie is a forum for vegetarians and vegans to build their own profiles, interact with like-minded people and share valuable nuggets of information. It’s like a coffee group for veggie-lovers; meets a book club for cookbook fiends. Veggie is the place for vegetarians and vegans to go for honest restaurant recommendations, tasty recipes, cookbook reviews, photos, veggie information and so much more.

If you register with Veggie, you’ll be able to submit your own content, comment on posts by others and change your viewing preferences. Go on then, take a look around!