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If you’re looking for a quick, flavoursome, health-conscious vegan lunch in the CBD, it doesn’t get better than Misters.

They serve breakfast, lunch ‘bowls’, a range of sides and some highly irresistible cabinet sweets. (It’s a good thing this cabinet doesn’t fully face the queue at the counter, or my lunch budget would be obliterated.)

The first lunch bowl I tried at Misters was also the second one I tried, because it was so good that I couldn’t bring myself to choose anything differently on my next visit. Here’s how it works: they have seasonal lunch bowls, based around a country’s cuisine (the Moroccan, the Japanese, etc), into which you can swap a key ingredient of your choice. Every time I have checked the menu, one option for every bowl has been vegan (clearly marked with a VE on their menu board). The first dish I tried was the Moroccan with crumbed eggplant and cauliflower ‘couscous’. It was utterly sensational.

Everything I have tried since has been ‘10/10 would eat again’: the Cuban, with crumbed silken tofu and rich cashew crema; the Nordic with dill, sauerkraut and portobello mushrooms (pictured above); the orange and chocolate torte; and the Argentine with crumbed tofu – and I haven’t even been for breakfast yet.

The greatness that is this humble little eatery extends beyond the food, too; it’s a pretty relaxing place to sit and eat lunch, they use compostable packaging, compost all of their green waste, and support local growers.

As tempted as I am to try to keep this place a bit of a secret, I’m just so into it that I can’t stop telling people to go there. So please, do. Besides The Unbakery this is one of Auckland’s few eateries that has figured out that wholefoods + flavour = happy customers.

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Rachael is the co-creator of Veggie.nz. She has been vegan since 2010 and loves avocado, caramel corn, pasta, tofu and vegan Belgian biscuits.

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