We deliver Auckland wide. We can also deliver out of Auckland (Please enquire )
Please contact us on 0223553586 if you would like us to clarify if we deliver to your address. Deliveries generally take place daily on all days.
Normally we have a 48 hour turnaround. At present, due to COVID19 and the safe practices that we have implemented, deliveries can be up to 4 days. But if we are going to be in your area that day, we will make up your order in the morning so that it arrives fresh to your door. Please plan your
needs a few days in advance. No one likes to run out of food !

We are registered with MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) for safe practice. During the COVID19 pandemic, we will deliver contactless. We have a procedure to follow –

In brief, for drop offs:
– This entails a drop off by your door, and / or other designated point
– No physical interaction with you
– We will then text or email you as soon as the drop off has been made.

Please note that from packing your order to final drop off, our staff will ensure safe practice. Masks and food grade gloves are worn everytime we handle products, as per Ministry of Health guidelines. Please follow the link on our COVID19 section for further information.

Please email for any further queries.

Our site is also registered with Auckland Council for NP3 – National Programme 3 under the
Food Act 2014. Our site registration number is – AKC012985 Fresh Fruits & Veges

At present any order over $80 within Auckland qualifies for free delivery. If we know that the delivery is to elder folk (70+) delivery will be free for orders over $40.
For outer Auckland areas, please refer below.
Group / Community ordering – We have many customers who belong to a group, official or unofficial, or are from a community. For example, in some of the outer suburbs of Auckland, delivery costs can be higher. Some of our customers in these areas have been able to form groups and order using an allocated order number. So, persons in a group can order individually through our website using the allocated order number. Please call us to discuss further and be allocated an order number, so that delivery will not be charged. Usually a minimum order in total of $120 will suffice. Ideally if we can deliver once or twice in a week to outer Auckland areas, that helps to keep our costs down as well.

We have a successful model of delivery fresh to your door. Your order is made up on the day of delivery. Delivery is now $10 Auckland wide for any amount of boxes.
We take special care when delivering to elder folk. Please let us know if you are over 70 years of age. Free delivery may apply. Minimum order for free delivery is $80.

This is similar to our Group / Communities delivery model. We currently supply to workplaces. This can be either to individual persons in a workplace or to the business itself. Some of our commercial customers use a subsidised scheme or order Fruit boxes daily, twice daily or weekly to their workplace.

With a collation of orders delivery can be free.

We supply many commercial entities. If you would like us to provide you with a solution and quote please contact us via email (link) or call us direct.
References are available on request. Below is an example of a commercial customer feedback –

Hi Vernon & Shirley,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you both for the great service you have given us over the last few weeks.
Our staff have been incredibly happy with the gift of quality food at the end of a hard week. When we buy from supermarkets you just get used to a certain quality but what you have shown us is what really fresh food looks and tastes like. Terry M.